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Our mail address is, 101 Malbone Road, Newport R.I. 02840. To call us, dial 401-849-3300 and the appropriate extension. To e-mail us, use the links below.

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Tips for sending community news to The Newport Daily News
The following suggestions are designed to make it easier for you to get news of your activities presented to the public in a timely and accurate manner.

Getting the word out
Whether you are telling us about your next meeting or requesting a photographer at your fund-raiser, it’s best to put everything in writing. Some rules to follow:
- Type, double-spaced if possible.
- Include the name, address and telephone number (daytime and evening, if possible) of a person we can call if we have questions. That contact information is usually noted in the top right-hand corner of a press release.
- In addition, please include a phone number for publication, which members of the public may call for more information. We generally include a contact phone number in all local briefs and calendar items. That is best indicated at the end of a press release, “For more information, call ….”
- Include the cost of participating in the event — and, just as importantly, if the event is free.
- Send material to the newspaper at least one week in advance of the event. Earlier is fine — and preferred.
- Use full names of all people mentioned in the release, including first names of women: Sally Smith, not Mrs. John Smith.
- Be sure that reports on events that already have taken place reach us as soon as possible after the event. Be sure the date of the event is on the report.
- If your event is approaching and you have not seen it in print yet, be sure to call the newsroom assistant at 401-380-2350.

We’re interested in all sorts of news. Some examples of news items we welcome:
- New officers’ names.
- Notice of club or organization meetings that are open to the public.
- Notice of public meetings with programs or speakers.
- Announcements of projects of general interest.
- Awards that your organization gives or receives.
- Information about money you have raised for charity.
- Announcements of art exhibits or similar events open to the public.
- Church news, fairs, bazaars, announcements about new clergy or church officers.
- Graduations and honor rolls.
- Military honors and promotions.
- Scouting news of any type.
- Class or military reunion announcements.
- Scholarship awards.
- Fund-raiser results.
- Business promotions, expansions, awards received or given, and new businesses.

Where your news goes
Once you provide us with your news, we place it in the paper in a way that is convenient for readers to find. Some general guidelines:

Readers appreciate well-labeled and organized “brief” sections, such as “Local briefs,” “Religion briefs” and “Business briefs.” Briefs are essentially short stories of similar types that are grouped together. News about an event or promotion or new business would likely run as a brief.

Arts & Entertainment
In addition to briefs about community organizations and events, we run briefs on local arts and entertainment events under a separate heading: Arts & Entertainment.

Readers looking for something to do on any given day may check out our daily “Calendar,” which briefly lists items of general interest that are open to the public. The time and location of a concert, community play or lecture would likely be listed in the calendar. Often items that are in the calendar appear in expanded form as briefs leading up to the event.

Any news about your club or organization would likely appear in the Community section as a short news item, often under the heading of “Club News.” That could include fundraisers, newly elected officers, upcoming events of interest mainly to members. We also welcome school events and news.
We regularly list support groups in the Community section.

In addition to a daily calendar of events, The Daily News runs a monthly listing of organizations and activities of interest to Newport County residents in the Community section each weekend.
The schedule generally is as follows:
First weekend of the month: For kids (and parents)
Second weekend: Volunteers
Third weekend: Seniors
Fourth weekend: Support groups
To post a notice in any of these regular listings, send the information in writing to Community Listings, The Newport Daily News, P.O. Box 420, Newport, RI 02840, or e-mail to . or fax to 849-3306. Information should be received at least a week in advance of the scheduled publication date.

Our weekend section features business news, including promotions, openings and expansions that run under the heading “Newsmakers” or “Briefcase.”

The big picture
Some thoughts on photo requests and submissions:
- It is helpful if you provide a range of possible times for a picture if you request that a photographer cover your event. For example, a request for a photographer between 2 and 5 p.m. is more like to be successful than one for exactly 3:30 p.m.
- Head-and-shoulder photos are welcome additions to most stories. Always put the name of the person on the back of the picture or in the e-mail. Because of overwhelming demand, we are unable to come to most events to take headshots. You are welcome to submit your own headshots. We can receive photos via e-mail if they are a jpg, eps or tif file.
- We can reproduce both black-and-white and color photos, although we generally prefer to have color photos. We can make color photos black and white, but can’t make a black-and-white photo into color. Most Polaroid photos do not reproduce well enough to use in the newspaper.
- We do not generally send photographers to take pictures of check passings, proclamation signings, ribbon cuttings, etc. We do not typically run these photos. We prefer to have photos of the activity and people involved that are not posed. However, if you take photos of an event, send them in and we will make every effort to run them.
- Submit only a few photos of an event to the Community/Business section. We will likely run only one of them. Include the names of everyone in the photo. Crowded pictures do not work — you cannot see everyone’s face clearly. Try to limit pictures to three or four people. You may pick up your photos in the newsroom after they run in the paper or include a stamped-self addressed envelope and they will be mailed back to you.
- If there are children in the photo, have ages and parent permission for the photo to run.
- When a Daily News photographer is sent to take a photo of an event, it is helpful if those in charge can provide written information about what is happening, including properly spelled names and titles of those involved. This information helps ensure accurate and complete captions.

Who to call or write

Send press releases to The Newport Daily News, P.O. Box 420, Newport, RI 02840, drop off at 101 Malbone Road, Newport, fax to 401-849-3306 or e-mail to . Photos and press releases can be accepted via e-mail. Please make sure all pertinent information, including contact information, is included.
The Daily News also welcomes letters to the editor from community organizations. Make sure it is signed by representatives of the organization (we need at least one name on a letter in order to publish it) and include their titles and a phone number for verification. Requests for photos and coverage can be made by calling the city editor at 401-380-2354.

We welcome our readers’ views. Our letters policy follows:
Each letter must bear the writer’s full name (no initials, please), signature, full address and telephone number (for verification purposes only). We will not publish a letter without a phone number.
We may condense letters, and correct errors of spelling and punctuation.
Letters should be no more than 450 words. Proposed guest view columns should be no more than 750 words.
Because of the volume of letters we receive, we cannot always publish them immediately.
We will run no more than two letters per author per month.
Letters to the editor may be e-mailed to or faxed to the address or number above.

- Local Briefs: Any youth, community or adult recreational sports; Salve Regina sports and college items involving local athletes; items pertaining to local sailing, or occasionally Tennis Hall of Fame
- Announcements: Notices of upcoming events, i.e., sign-ups, tryouts, camps, clinics, upcoming tournaments, fund-raisers. The good thing about announcements is they can run more than once. Announcements run weekly. Material for announcements should be sent to the paper at least a week in advance of the event. Earlier is fine — and preferred. Include the name, address and telephone number of a person we can call if we have questions. Also include a phone number for publication, which readers can call for more information. This is best indicated at the end of a press release “For more information, call …”

- What sport, what league and what division the team plays in.
- Day of game, city or town game was played in and score of game, contact person and contact phone number.
- Without complete information, the games won’t make it into the paper. When there is contact information, we can ask for the missing details; but if there’s no contact number, it won’t make it in the paper.
- Spelling. We depend on the information we get from you. Please double check all names.

- Information should be typed to ensure accuracy. We may not run hand-written information.
- E-mail and fax are strongly preferred over phone calls for youth and community sports information. There literally could be dozens of youth sports events happening on a given night.
The exception would be during all-star tournaments; we’d like to do a better job getting those in on a timely basis, so we would encourage calls for those events on the night of the game. Also, we’d like schedules for those tournaments so we can run them in our Coming Events listing.
- Please call us if you have a team going to a state tournament, for example, or if you want to pitch an idea for a feature story. If you do call us about a potential feature or a team going to a state tournament, give us as much notice as possible before the event. There’s a much better chance of us covering a game with a week’s notice rather than a day’s notice.
- To request a photo, we need at least two days’ notice.
- We don’t send our staff photographers to take team photos. However, team photos can be submitted. They can be e-mailed as a .jpeg, an .eps or a .tif file. In the sports section, we run photos of teams that won state-level tournaments or were runners-up in a state-level tournament. All other team photos run in the Community section.

- The sooner you get your information to us, the better chance it has of being near the top of the Local Briefs, or even getting the headline!

- The best time to call us or hand in press releases is after 10 a.m., when we are off deadline for that day’s paper. (The press runs at 10:30.)
- To talk directly to the sports editor, the best time is between 10:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. We do have staff working at night to take calls, and they can relay messages to him.

E-mail: .
Fax: 849-3306.
Phone: To call in sports results, 401-380-2352.
To speak to Sports Editor Scott Barrett, call 401-380-2356.

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